IMI is a fabricator -- a U.S. Manufacturer -- of specialty printed circuit boards utilizing “PTFE, Duroid®, Polyimide, FR-4 and other exotic laminates.”

IMI’s staff are all highly skilled, technically savvy and very accessible people who work with customers to make sure their application is thought through to be highly manufacturable and robust. Equally, many of IMI's staff are nationally recognized throughout the industry as being innovative and knowledgable

IMI is a manufacturing company -- we live, breathe and take fierce pride in making the best product, and delivering it on time.

IMI was established in 1971 -- and is an AS9100/ISO9001 Certified MIL Certified IPC-1791 Certified ITAR Registered IPC 600 & 6012, UL listed company

Most of all, IMI is people -- people who have a passion for working with customers and not hiding behind voice mail or a web portal!