Capabilities are very application specific -- however we typically can:

Produce up to 20 layers on materials as thin as one mil and as thick as .125

Routinely handle lines and traces as tight as .003 with drilled hole sizes as small as .007

Blind and Burried vias, sequential lamination even with mixed construction.

Laminate and plate virtually any material including:

  • PTFE/Duroid®(GT,GX,GY,GR)
  • Ceramic Filled
  • Polyimide and
  • FR-4 (all variations) to name just a few.

Surface finishes include reflow, HASL, lead-free HASL, tin, hard gold, soft gold, ENIG, and silver.

Need something different? Not covered? No problem! -- just ask! -- and we will respond with what and how we can produce your application -- exactly when you need it.