... Since 1971 – for 50 years!

... IMI has been a leader in the fabrication of specialized RF/Microwave, mixed dielectric/hybrid substrates, as well as more traditional printed circuit boards. We are experts in the production of quality product to meet demanding, time critical applications. IMI has the experience, capability, and staff to handle virtually any PTFE, FR-4, ceramic filled, and woven glass substrate – or combination – with virtually any surface finish.

IMI is experienced in, and fiercely committed to, supporting the RF/microwave, aerospace, industrial, medical, military, and telecommunications markets – with the highest quality substrates, printed circuit boards, and technical support. Just ask who our customers are and you will see we’re a world apart from the rest!

The fabrication of specialized substrates is just part of daily business at IMI. We employ seasoned, experienced, talented, and highly focused people - who are there to answer your questions; people who know how to take your design ideas and produce a robust, cost effective product; people who put your needs first; people you can trust!

We serve your needs by listening to your design ideas and then turning them into a highly advanced, specialized product of the highest quality - quickly and on-time! We thrive off of getting every detail just right and impressing our clients by delivering product and service they will fall in love with. So, contact IMI today and let’s get started on your next project!

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MOST OF OUR COMPETITION TALKS about specifications, equipment, technology - we all need to offer that in the competitive world of electronics manufacturing. However with IMI  it's all about expertise - people - and the ability to get things done! We are not an on-line broker, IMI is an outstanding, hands-on manufacturer.  We actually understand the technology as well as the processes necessary to assure the highest quality, delivered on-time. We are passionate about what we do and we are approachable - via phone, e-mail or in person - to answer any and all questions.


At IMI we are passionate about listening, interacting and helping our customers -- you -- attain the results you want, need and expect from a dedicated, relationship focused supplier. Put our technical expertise, passion to serve and commitment to quality and on-time delivery to the test!