Creating Value in PCB Manufacturing

June 24, 2016, 7:57 pm Peter Bigelow

No cutters or hackers need apply.

If you were active in the PCB industry when the Back to the Future movies were popular, you may remember when circuit board fabrication was a hot industry. By hot, I mean investors were trying any which way they could to cobble their dollars (or other currencies) to invest in then-startup companies in a growing industry.

This investment euphoria continued through the 1990s.

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About IMI Inc.

Founded in 1971, IMI is a leading provider of commercial and military, technologically-advanced printed circuit boards with significant expertise in fabricating on all types of Teflon/Duroid, polyimide, and more traditional FR-4 based laminates as well as mixed construction applications. Based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, IMI is MIL certified, ITAR registered as well as AS9100:2009/ ISO-9001:2008 registered and focuses on leading Aerospace, Military, Medical, RF/Microwave and Industrial electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers from its Haverhill facility. IMI also supplies volume commercial applications with manufacturing partners in Asia. For more information, visit